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As one of the leading mobile application development companies integral icons makes it possible to get mobile apps development for iPhone, iPad, Android, Windows mobile phones at one place. Irrespective of the platform, it provides its expertise and experience to develop solutions that are a class apart.

Mobile Development

Mobile Development Services

Recently the field of mobile development is enhanced with tremendous rate. By the introduction of 3G and 4G networks the platforms like blackberry, android and apple iPhones and their enhanced compatibility to support the features of computers and the need of having the world in your pocket the need to introduce mobile versions of technology dominates the world.
Not just mobile versions of websites the need to have mobile applications which provide an easy door to enjoy latest advancements. Applications for using social networking websites like Twitter, Facebook and messengers like yahoo, MSN, gtalk, Skype also needs to be accessed from mobile phones.

Operating systems for mobile phones too were introduced. iOS for apple, windows mobile , even open source Linux operating systems like android for mobile phones were introduced. With the advancement of these platforms to support high resolution graphics brought a boom in gaming industry. Games for mobile phones became sophisticated.

integral icons provide complete solutions for mobile development in all its fields. We develop mobile versions of websites and applications for all the major platforms dominating world of mobile phones. We develop cool games to cope with these platforms and provide incredible gaming experience to the users. We have skilled, energetic and experienced staff for platforms like windows mobile, Apple iPhone and android. We design apps which are awesome in both design and functionality. We have separate departments for iPhones, android and windows mobile. Where our skilled teams work strategically to develop applications to satisfy the requirements of our clients.

We provide following solutions in the field of mobile development:

iPhone & iPad Development

We specialize in offshore iPhone Apps Development. We have experience with simple fun applications to complex productivity apps. Our develop Geo Apps, Healthcare Apps and Utilities.

Android Development

We offer a host of unparalled Android Apps Development Services. Our services on Android platform include Social Networking apps, Geo Apps, Business Utilities and Productivity apps.

Windows Phone Development

We develop state-of-the-art windows mobile applications using C++, .NET Compact Framework and C#. Our services include migration and porting of applications from other mobile platform to window mobile platform.

Mobile Websites

Mobile websites are important part of the mobile strategy. We have extensive experience delivering professional mobile websites. We help companies convert their existing websites to mobile websites.